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:bulletgreen: Contacts, yes you wear contacts. It's not your fault that your sight isn't the best plus you think glasses would look pretty dorky on you. They would harm your looks! So whats the only choice? Contacts of course! :bulletgreen:


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United States

:bulletgreen: Name: Chairo ChairDickens:bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen:Nicknames: Churro, Cheerio, :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: Age: 15 :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen:Birthday: May 25,1998:bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: Family: Chester (Older Brother), Christopher(Younger Brother)
Father(deceased), Mother:bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: Likes: Playing video-games, Listening to music,(W.I.P) :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: Dislikes: Being called Churro or Cheerio,Annoying people, People telling him he doesn't have good looks, (W.I.P):bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: Personality: The easiest way to describe Chairo is by calling him a smart-ass that is way to obsessed with his appearance. He comes out as really rude and disrespectful. If you get to know him well enough he tends to be a bit nicer and less of a smart ass. He tries acting confident even though he isn't that confident of himself.:bulletgreen:


:bulletgreen: Hair Color: Brunette. :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: Eye Color: Light Brown :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: Height: 5'5:bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: Weight: "Hey don't be jealous of my good looks!" :bulletgreen:

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Longears-and-CatBoy Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013
The dusty haired blonde was sitting in the café, waiting for his friend smartass, I mean, Chairo. 

More than likely, it seemed the brown haired male wanted some advice on something. Whatever it is, he was certain he would know how to help. He was the best at giving advice, he could win an advice battle! Er.. That sounded childish. He fixed his dark green top hat that went along well with his dark green dress shirt and pants. He was always in style, even though he would never admit it. He let out a slight tired and annoyed sigh, where was that, drop dead sexy bitch- brown eyed male?..
(1 Reply)
WitchofWater Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013

You have to protect this, idiot. You're  a smart-ass, but I think you're more of an ass.

(2 Replies)
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